What is more wonderful than a homecooked meal with friends?  What better way to promote fellowship, friendship, and fun among parishioners than through a once a month ‘at home’ dining experience?  The agenda is to share lively conversation and good food with church friends, old and new. 

Each dinner group will consist of 6-8 adults (singles and couples). The volunteer ‘host’ will call the people in their group to choose a day in the month for the dinner. The host will provide the entre of their choice and beverages.  The other people in the group will bring one assigned item such as salad, a side, dessert, or bread. 

The host and the groups would change each month so you would be dining with different people each time.

‘Dining In’ Club will meet three times:  November or December (Hostess choice), January, and February.

Please sign up in the parish hall by Oct. 31st if interested.   Call Suzie Schatz Hills at 763-0525 or email her at [email protected] for more information.