Upcoming Events:

June 6 – We will wish Jennifer Glass a fond farewell. Jennifer is transitioning into the next phase of her life in God’s strong and unshakable Kingdom. We are dedicating coffee hour on that Sunday to Jennifer as a time to say goodbye and wish her well on her journey.

June 13 – Graduation Sunday. If you or someone in your home has graduated or is going to graduate from an institution or school, please call the office at 307-674-7655 so we can include those people in the worship service.

June 27 – The worship services on June 27 are going to be dedicated as St. Peters Memorial Day. There are many instances where we have not had the opportunity to gather as a congregation and remember those who have left this earthly pilgrimage these past 16 months. If you would like to have those you love, who have died during this time included in the service, contact Joel, Mike, or Juanita.